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Delft Blue Floral Giclee Print

Delft Blue Floral Giclee Print

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Inspired by the dishware, this watercolor painting was created using a single color - blue. An exploration of negative space, and graceful florals, this art print is sure to elevate any wall. 

As a former stationery designer, and current artist, I have learned from years of experience that the quality of the paper can make or break a project. It’s the one place I believe you should never skimp on quality, and it can be the differentiating factor in a print so good it almost feels like an original, or a print that’s a little disappointing to receive. 

I’ve spent years exploring the best paper options (you should see my sample drawer!) and I’ve finally found my perfect match with the paper I'm using for my prints. It's a smooth, white paper that resists smudges and fingerprints, and it feels thick in your hands at 230 gsm. It’s museum quality, and acid free, so your print will last forever, and it’s specifically designed for fine art printing, so the quality and depth of the colors is unmatched. 

I might sound a little extreme about this paper, but you’ll get it once you are holding your print in your hand - it’s really, really nice! 


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